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HS-150ST Accelerometer with temperature output



• Premium Accelerometer with temperature output- 3 Pin MS
• Sensitivity: ± 10% Nominal 80Hz at 22°C
• Frequency Response:
1.5Hz (90cpm) to 10kHz (600kcpm) ± 5%

0.5Hz (30cpm) to 12kHz (720kcpm) ± 10%
0.2Hz (12cpm) to 15kHz (900kcpm) ± 3dB

pdf20 HS-150 data sheet

More details

24 900,00 ₽

Data sheet

Weight 0.205 kg.
Voltage 10...12 VDC

More info

Isolation: Base isolated
Temperature: 10 mV/°C standard 100°C – Option 130°C

Transverse Sensitivity: Less than 5%
Case Material: Stainless Steel
Sensing Element/Construction: PZT/Shear
Mounting Torque: 8 Nm
Connector: HS-AA068 or HS-0069
Electrical Noise: 0.1mg max
Current Range: 0.5 mA to 8 mA
Settling Time: 1 second
Output Impedance: 200 Ohms max.
Case Isolation: >108 Ohms at 500 Volts
Operating Temperature Range: -55 to 130°C
Sealing: IP68


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